Seeds underground holds seed exchange parties where packets of seeds change hands and go underground in the fields across nation borders.

Bring your harvested, acquired seeds of sorts to this after-work party! Sign on to trade seeds., to adopt and germinate, to broadcast and track their distribution. Bring your music, pump up the volume, seeds go underground as we party. Tales of seeds are shared while waiting for the sprouts to rise up in early daybreak.

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Seeds underground party 2013
12/06/2013 - Accidental Landing, Messschiff Eleonore, Linz, Austria [f]
17/07/2013 - Maaland (Renewable worklab)- Kemiƶ/Kimito, Finland [f]
21/08/2013 - Electropixel - Nantes, France
31/08/2013 - Furtherfield - London, UK
17/10/2013 - OKNO - Brussels, Belgium
07/11/2013 - NAPON autonomies - Novi Sad, Serbia
15/05/2014 - FIELDS - RIXC, Riga, Latvia
05/06/2015 - Upgrade - Zagreb, Croatia
seeds underground party


seeds underground party

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